Megman Reboot: Fire Man

Posted by campbell March 18th, 2013


Fire Man

This is the new Fire Man, I wanted him to look like a gallon drum filled with fire. His almond shaped eyes have a hint of mischief about them, like he’s a little fire sprite.


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2 Responses to “Megman Reboot: Fire Man”

  1. ocre says:

    These are amazing! Very fun I see your interpretations. This one looks more torch-like than an oil drum. Speaking of oil, are you going to do interpretations of the Oil Man and Time Man characters from Mega Man Powered Up? That would be cool to see. I especially like Time Man (and his music). I’m going to go look you up on Instagram now!

  2. campbell says:

    Thanks for the compliments.
    I haven’t done Oil Man and Time Man, but maybe I will.
    It wouldn’t take to long to finish those two off.

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