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Comics Workshop

Posted by campbell November 25th, 2012

These photos are from a comics workshop I ran at an English language school. It’s an adaptation of my “steal an idea” activity which is all about generating new ideas through stealing other peoples ideas.

This group was totally brilliant to work with because they were from all over the world, and their ideas and influences were super diverse. We worked on the initial influences together, and the bottom photo is a completely rubbish comic that I drew to show how those individual components can be bought together.


Last of the shoes

Posted by campbell August 21st, 2012

The last of my shoe illustration workshops ran on thursday.
Thank to Hyper for bringing me in to run them, and for Midland Gate for hosting the activities.


Bag Illustrations

Posted by campbell August 15th, 2012

Tonight is the last night of the workshops I’m running with Hyper Vision out at Midland Gate shopping centre. These are some bags that were illustrated last week, tonight we’ll be doing shoes again.


Shoe Drawing Workshop

Posted by campbell August 5th, 2012

I’m currently running a series of workshops with Hyper Vision out at Midland Gate shopping centre. Each thursday night we’re running free youth workshops where people can draw on canvas shoes and bags and take them home. It’s a pretty fun project.

Large shopping centres are now our town squares and in some areas are very social spaces, especially during late night trading. For teenagers they’re a sort of mecca. But, most teenagers don’t have a lot of money, and aren’t there to take part in the prescribed activity of “consumption”.

I think it’s really responsible of centres like this to run engagement projects, to see that they’re not just a series of shops, but an important part of our social fabric.