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Megaman Reboot: Megaman

Posted by campbell September 13th, 2013

megaman iso web

And finally, Megaman himself.

He needs no redesign really. I made some minimal changes here and there, but that is mainly just to suit my drawing style. Considering he’s basically a Mighty Atom / Astroboy riff, he still manages to stand on his own quite well.


Megaman Reboot: Wily Machine

Posted by campbell September 12th, 2013

skull iso web

I redesigned the classic Wily Machine to fall in line with the later interpretations of the ship. I love the skull design and wanted to bring that back.

It’s hard to incorporate an over sized skull in to a design without it being ridiculously obvious. I tried my hardest, but suspect I failed in that regard.

There was a temptation to design Wily’s skull ship to be super elegant and minimalist, which obviously suits his aesthetic far more. I imagine that this skull ship is only in it’s prototype stage, and he is forced to use it before it’s ready.


Megaman Reboot: Doctor Wily

Posted by campbell September 5th, 2013

dr wily iso web

To start with, yes, Doctor Wily is Karl Lagerfeld.

The classic designs of Wily and Light are cut from too similar a cloth. I wanted to push Wily in a very different direction from his classic “mad scientist” look. Their appearance, costuming, physique should all visually describe their characters philosophy towards robots.

Wily views them as being tools, things to own, use, enhance OUR lives.

Light views them as beings in their own rights, capable of full and meaningful existences beyond ones simply in relation to ours.


Megaman Reboot: Doctor Light

Posted by campbell September 2nd, 2013

light iso web

I wanted Doctor Light to look like some Silicon Valley hippie tech genius who believes all sorts of mystical and new age philosophy and religion, and incorporates that in to his design of robots.

He should be set up in sharpest contrast with his rival, Doctor Wily in that regard.


Happy Families

Posted by campbell August 27th, 2013

happy families web

I just finished watching Inception and kept waiting for Jareth to be waiting at the bottom of the dream, singing and dancing around.

This was done in the style of my 8 Bit Dreams series which will be showing at the Light Grey Art Lab on Sep20th.


megaman reboot: killer bullet

Posted by campbell May 9th, 2013


Killer Bullet

Another design that has a fun synchronicity with Super Mario.


megaman reboot: ice man

Posted by campbell April 29th, 2013


Ice Man

This design is probably one of the heaviest deviations from the originals. I really wanted to this robot up and move away from the contrived “eskimo” aesthetic that was previously used. Instead I’m pulling him in line with the other crystalline robots that Ive been drawing.

I’m really happy with it, and think it’s pretty cute and funny.


Megaman Reboot: Screw Bomber

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Screw Bomber

I wanted to pull the propulsion system in to line with the other robots and have a small propeller on it.


Megaman Reboot: Flying Shell

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Flying Shell

Another reconnaissance robot that I didn’t have the heart to go too radical with.
I mean, it’s a clam shell with eyes and it’s name is “Flying Shell”. I kind of like that.


Megaman Reboot: Elec Man

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Elec Man

I simply wanted to streamline this robot and bring him in line with my designs for Gunner Joe, Protoman and Megaman with whom it shares the same core design. His arms are a little longer with elongated finger tips that I imagined crackling with electricity.

There are little variations, such as the cat eyes, and inner arm seams that I think turned out well.