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Dragon’s Lair

Posted by campbell December 19th, 2011

dragons lair
This illustration is available to purchase here.


Adventures of Dino Riki

Posted by campbell July 28th, 2011

Adventures of Dino Riki
Pick up the original illustration over at my store here.


Moblin Gambling Den

Posted by campbell July 1st, 2011

Here’s the line work for a series of Legend of Zelda illustrations I’m doing for a video game themed group show. I’m going to be doing some colour tests digitally before committing them to watercolours. I’m thinking of keeping it all sepias, but I’m not sure…

This series is going to be a ton of fun, maybe a dozen illustrations in total, I’ll see how I go.


Dr. Chaos

Posted by campbell June 9th, 2011

dr chaos
Original available here.