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Into the Mountain

Posted by campbell May 27th, 2012

Tonight there is an open night and exhibition at Paper Mountain studio, where I’m currently working away at my graphic novel. All of the studio artists will have work on display and will be in their studios for a meet and greet. PLUS there’s a bake off of delicious treats, and poetry reading and all kinds of other goodnesses.

The work I’ve put in for the exhibition is the Mt. Triforce illustration that I created a little while ago. It was originally created for a completely unrelated, video game themed zine, but fits in nicely with the studio name. I’m going to experiment with a few different printing methods for that illustration, and then start offering it for sale on my etsy store.

I should be there from 5 if anyone wants to see what i’ve been up to and have a chat.
You can find all the details for the event here.



Posted by campbell February 16th, 2012

Check out this elite art making hit squad. It’s all the Western Australian JUMP artists just chilling at our secret underbridge hide out, plotting to make artworks and all that stuff.

From left to right are.
Me, Renae Coles, Zoe Cooper, Anne Cobai (back), Rosita Holmes (front), Emma Craig, Alethea Bevilacqua and Emma Fishwick.

Click through their names to find out more about their practices and their super cool mentors.