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Mega Man Reboot: Peng

Posted by campbell March 9th, 2013



This guy didn’t need a redesign at all.
So cute and perfect.


Mega Man Reboot: Sniper Joe

Posted by campbell March 8th, 2013


Sniper Joe

There’s an interesting and kind of convoluted story behind these guys that I thought I’d like to explore with these designs. Apparently Sniper Joe are mass produced versions of the Proto Man robot. Proto Man is the prototype for Mega Man, so in a way, these three robots should all be pretty much identical.
This forms the basic chassis, that so many of the series robots are built around.

I actually didn’t change too much about the design. I streamlined the boots, because I never liked the oversized ones that are used throughout the series. The mask retains the original cyclops eye, but it is no longer set back in a recess. I did maintain the downward pointing chevron in the chin of the mask. It also looks slightly skull like, which is a bit spooky and differentiates these mass produced robots from Proto Man and Mega Man.


Mega Man Reboot: CWU-01P

Posted by campbell March 7th, 2013



Yes, the water purifier robot. Um, it, purifies water.
I just wanted to make this one a little cuter really, a little less raw and industrial than the original was.


Mega Man Reboot: Big Eye

Posted by campbell March 6th, 2013


The Big Eye

I thought the original design of this robot was really awkward. I wanted to stream line it a lot and make it like a crystal watch tower. I can imagine it shooting out a laser beam from the eye, blocking off intruders.
The big foot at the base provides lots of stompability.


Mega Man Reboot: Super Cutter

Posted by campbell March 5th, 2013

The Super Cutter.

I thought this robot would be better as a circular saw, to be used in felling trees. Apparently that’s what the original Cut Man was supposed to be in charge of, so his little robot minions should be as well.
Plus, it needed a much cuter face.

I decided that propellers would be the primary form of aerial propulsion. They are featured on and off in the original series and think they add a bit of fun.


Mega Man Reboot: Picket Man

Posted by campbell March 4th, 2013

My mighty Megaman March has begun.
Every day this month I will feature a redesigned robot from the classic NES game Megaman.
Grab a hold of your hard hat, the fun and games are only just beginning.