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Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

Posted by campbell February 2nd, 2012

ninja gaiden 2
You can purchase this illustration here.


Ninja Gaiden

Posted by campbell September 23rd, 2011



8 Bit Champions

Posted by campbell September 22nd, 2011

(you can see my work, teeny tiny in the background)

The 8 Bit Champions exhibition has opened and a flood of photos and video have come from the Paris exhibition.

You can check out some of the other works, as well as a bunch of opening night photos over on GeekArt here, here and here.It looks like it was a blast, just a shame I couldn’t travel there for it.

Thanks to all those involved in organising this global exhibition, it must have been a huge effort. You can see some photos of my Ninja Gaiden work that was in the exhibition here.


8-Bit Champions

Posted by campbell September 6th, 2011

I was recently invited to take part in a group show called 8-Bit Champions that will be in La Flaq Gallery in Paris.
It’s being organised and curated by The Autumn Society and Geek-Art, who are run by CHOGRIN and Thomas Olivri respectively. The Autumn Society has been putting together some amazing group shows recently, so it’s a great privilege to be invited to contribute.

The framing was done by a fantastic local guy who I went to for my last show. He made some amazing colour and shape recommendations, which I think have really brought the illustration to life. I just hope someone buys it, as I don’t fancy having to pay for two way postage… I’ve been super busy with lots of illustrations and projects recently, so haven’t had time to put up my 8 Bit Dreams. Next week I should be back on top of it though. Thanks for sticking by me, peoples.

You can check out previews of other peoples works here, and jump on the facebook page.