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Dungeons and Dragons

Posted by campbell September 10th, 2011


Illustration update here.

As you may (or may not know) I play Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends on Monday nights. We’re pretty late to the game really, we had a few goes of it in high school, but that was about it. We were doing a regular podcast of the episodes for a while, but conflicting schedules and “real life challenges” conspired to put an end to that. So rather than have irregular releases, we’ve been holding off to put together “seasons” of adventures, with breaks in between.

We’re currently playing the much criticised 4th edition, but not having played any other versions, we’re not really in a position to compare. It serves its purpose as a frame work to hang our stupidity and ridiculousness on, like an jade carved mannequin, or diamond encrusted coat hanger. The rules are loose, and fast, and I get the impression that there’s only one of us at the table who really understands them. (and that’s not me.)

For the first time ever, I’m giving you the opportunity to delve inside our magical den of mystery and see the inner workings of our games. We play around a white board table, where we render in game graphics on the fly. That’s right, this is no prerender stuff, hoodwinking you in to buying the finished game. THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS!

You can see a bunch of drawings I’ve done during our sessions right here. Please note however, that our games tend to get very racy and a lot of these illustrations are NSFW. If you’re at work, just wait until you get home to look at them, they’ll still be there. But I bet that you’ll be tempted by its scandalous content.

You can follow the adventures at Jimmerish FM download past episodes on itunes and check out the wiki.


studio sale

Posted by campbell December 6th, 2010

We’ve decided to move out of our Inglewood studio space at the end of the year.

To celebrate (and to make the moving process that much easier) we’re are holding a sale of our works this Sunday from 10am. Original paintings, framed prints, art supplies and various other trinkets will be available. We want to say goodbye to everything, so all works are priced from 5$-$100.

There will be works from myself, Elizabeth Marruffo and James Macneil available.

Come have a browse, with muffins and a cup of tea and pick up a Christmas gift for someone cute (or if you’re selfish, for your own cute self)

date: Dec 11
time: 10-2
address: 126 Crawford Rd, Maylands

Jump aboard the facebook event here.


dungeons and dragons

Posted by campbell October 13th, 2010

Tonight there will be dungeons and there will be dragons and they will be coming straight at you through the powers of the internets! Above, an image to get you pumped, a scrappy map I drew for the adventure I dm’d for. Our “regular” fortnightly sessions became kind of monthy, kind of. But now it’s back! And back in a big way!

You can follow the adventures at Jimmerish FM download past episodes on itunes and check out the wiki.


andre 3000 and haroldo

Posted by campbell September 9th, 2010

Here are the last two player characters from our Dungeons and Dragons game.

Andre 300/Mescaline Jam is played by James Mac. He’s a Tiefling bard whose signature vicious mockery spell has killed at least one orc, I think one. I could be wrong, maybe it was a little less than one. We currently require that James actually comes up with some rap taunt to use when casting. Maybe one day we’ll go through the audio archive and pull out all the golden samples.

Harry Eslick plays Haroldo, a human druid who was double crossed at the chapel and had his entire extended family slaughtered in the trap. He seems to be taking it all rather well though and is relaxing in a giant tree house somewhere right now. His signature move is the critical miss, which he has rolled on many a fine occasion.

You can follow the adventures at Jimmerish FM download past episodes on itunes and check out the wiki.