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Megaman Reboot: Octopus Battery

Posted by campbell April 4th, 2013


Octopus Battery

I liked the idea of the box having large display panels on the sides that could light up to display the movement options available. I’ve tried to demonstrate how they would work in the illustration and imagine they would look really nice when animated.



Posted by campbell April 1st, 2013



This was apparently an agricultural pest management robot. Obviously, to do that job it has to look like one of the pests it is trying to deter. I tried to keep some of the main shapes of the original design, but wanted to include an array of dangling legs and more of a visible “face”. I really liked the corkscrew shape as well as the prong like tail, so that is maintained.


Megaman Reboot: Guts Man

Posted by campbell March 30th, 2013


Guts Man

I wanted to make Guts Man look like a formidable powerhouse that’s used to crushing rocks and lifting shipping containers. He had to have a battered, beat up and abused look. Like he’s constantly left out in the rain, hail and shine.

I liked the idea that a Met robot, simply sat inside the larger body. Like you could fit one in any number of body shapes and they would be able to operate them. My design for the Picket Man uses the same idea.


Megaman Reboot: Watcher

Posted by campbell March 26th, 2013



This robot is linked to my redesign of the Big Eye, both featuring the large, crystal eye piece. The Watcher robot is obviously propeller driven though, rather than by a big stamping foot.


Megaman Reboot: Blader

Posted by campbell March 26th, 2013



This robot hasn’t changed too much, I did rearrange the propeller to the underside to match some of the other robot designs though. The undercasing would be a semi-transparent glass, with a camera positioned within it of observation.


Megaman Reboot: Crazy Razy

Posted by campbell March 25th, 2013


Crazy Razy

Originally this robot was designed to be a “security guard”. I liked the idea of making him a sort of human engagement, crowd management bot. Really cute, with big soft hands a comforting heart symbol on his chest. I wanted to keep the same colour scheme and his neckless head design.


Megaman Reboot: Beak

Posted by campbell March 19th, 2013



I thought that this one would be nice, opening like a mechanical flower.


Megman Reboot: Fire Man

Posted by campbell March 18th, 2013


Fire Man

This is the new Fire Man, I wanted him to look like a gallon drum filled with fire. His almond shaped eyes have a hint of mischief about them, like he’s a little fire sprite.


Megman Reboot: Tackle Fire

Posted by campbell March 14th, 2013


Tackle Fire

I envisioned these guys as being more like flying buckets of fire. I’ve used the propellers again, so that the flying/hovering robots all refer back to each other. This robots design mirrors elements of Fire Man, who I’ll feature tomorrow.


mega man reboot: spine

Posted by campbell March 13th, 2013



Yea, it’s a spine, or a spike, a sharp thing that you can stand on.
I thought I’d give it a more central spike that pumps up and down, just to make it a tad more menacing and dynamic.