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Posted by campbell June 15th, 2014

firefly web

My latest isometric illustration, this time featuring the crew from Firefly.


Posted by campbell June 3rd, 2014

scrub birds

An illustration of the rare Noisy Scrub Bird for the upcoming Egg Tooth group exhibition at Spectrum Gallery Space. The amazing Elizabeth Marruffo has coordinated over 40 artists to respond to endangered bird species of Western Australia for the project.



Posted by campbell January 30th, 2014

bttf web

A little illustration I did in my ‘isometrics’ series. This time tackling the incredible, mind bending, taboo busting, Back to the Future! You can click the above image for more bigness.

bttf closeup2

bttf closeup1


Megaman Reboot: Megaman

Posted by campbell September 13th, 2013

megaman iso web

And finally, Megaman himself.

He needs no redesign really. I made some minimal changes here and there, but that is mainly just to suit my drawing style. Considering he’s basically a Mighty Atom / Astroboy riff, he still manages to stand on his own quite well.


Megaman Reboot: Wily Machine

Posted by campbell September 12th, 2013

skull iso web

I redesigned the classic Wily Machine to fall in line with the later interpretations of the ship. I love the skull design and wanted to bring that back.

It’s hard to incorporate an over sized skull in to a design without it being ridiculously obvious. I tried my hardest, but suspect I failed in that regard.

There was a temptation to design Wily’s skull ship to be super elegant and minimalist, which obviously suits his aesthetic far more. I imagine that this skull ship is only in it’s prototype stage, and he is forced to use it before it’s ready.


Megaman Reboot: Doctor Wily

Posted by campbell September 5th, 2013

dr wily iso web

To start with, yes, Doctor Wily is Karl Lagerfeld.

The classic designs of Wily and Light are cut from too similar a cloth. I wanted to push Wily in a very different direction from his classic “mad scientist” look. Their appearance, costuming, physique should all visually describe their characters philosophy towards robots.

Wily views them as being tools, things to own, use, enhance OUR lives.

Light views them as beings in their own rights, capable of full and meaningful existences beyond ones simply in relation to ours.


Megaman Reboot: Doctor Light

Posted by campbell September 2nd, 2013

light iso web

I wanted Doctor Light to look like some Silicon Valley hippie tech genius who believes all sorts of mystical and new age philosophy and religion, and incorporates that in to his design of robots.

He should be set up in sharpest contrast with his rival, Doctor Wily in that regard.


fangamer x attractmode

Posted by campbell August 16th, 2013

fangamer x attract mode campbell whyte web

I’m pretty thrilled to reveal my new print for the upcoming Fangamer X Attractmode even that’s happening in Seattle on August the 31st. Please click the above image for a much larger version.

Last year I created this Animal Crossing print, depicting the most diabolical of boss battles.

With the theme of this years exhibition being “X”, I wanted to play with a bit of cross pollination of some of Nintendo’s prime franchises. See how many references, characters and creatures you can spot. You’ll be able to pick up prints from the Fangamer website after the exhibition opens.

UPDATEthe illustration is now available to purchase here.



Home Time Monday

Posted by campbell July 23rd, 2013

page 15 preview

Sorry about the delay with this weeks page, I was at the Venice Biennale and didn’t have my computer with me. You can read away here though…


Home Time Friday

Posted by campbell July 20th, 2013

page 14 preview

The new page of Home Time is up. A grided up dose of landscapes.