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Posted by campbell September 27th, 2013

lgal interview

While I was in Minneapolis for the Nights and Weekends exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab, we took a few minutes to chat about making art. You can follow through here to listen in.

Talking with Campbell Whyte
Length: 00:39:32
Synopsis: On this week’s podcast we talk to prolific artist and all-around-great-guy Campbell Whyte. Campbell’s massive 8-Bit Dreams series is on display in this month’s Nights & Weekends exhibit, and he traveled all the way from Australia to join us for the opening and to lead All-Night with Campbell Whyte, an all-night comic workshop. Campbell is no stranger to incredible, large-scale projects and we talk to him about where his ideas come from, how he manages to stays motivated and get so much accomplished, and much much more.


Albotas Interview

Posted by campbell September 8th, 2011

If you head over to Albotas you can read an interview with me where I talk about my 8-Bit Dreams series, my many other projects and illustration in general. Read all about it here.