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Dee 20

Posted by campbell June 11th, 2013

A few years ago I was asked by Nickelodeon if I’d be interested in pitching an idea for a cartoon to them. I’m a sucker for planting seeds on the off chance they’ll grow, and so jumped at the opportunity.

The show I conceived off was based on a group of friends who play a fantasy role playing game together (basically, Dungeons and Dragons). The game is DM’d by one of their cool older sisters, who sends them through a range of trials in game, that mirror actual problems she sees them having at high school. I thought it’d be a pretty awesome show.

Unfortunately, nothing came of my idea, and it’s just sort of sat around doing nothing. In fact, I’d completely forgotten about it until a friend of mine recently bought it up.

You can see my pitch below, with some pretty rough looking illustrations to boot.


dee 20b

dee 20c

dee 20d

dee 20e



Posted by campbell June 7th, 2013

layout 4

Storyteller Cards
are officially funded! It has happened!

The mighty mighty Jason Tagmire pushed this beast of a project past the finish line and in to reality. Now it’s time for me to get drawing, there are a lot of amazing cards to be drawn.

If you are still interested in picking up a pair of cards then you can do so over on our Kickstarter page. If you want to help out, then please share the project with as many people as you can. There’s still a little bit of time for us to reach some of our amazing stretch goals.


Daft Punk

Posted by campbell May 21st, 2013

daftpunk web1

Yes, the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories has dropped, which is ridiculously exciting.

If you haven’t listened to the first single, I’d advise you to check it out straight away over here. It’s been looping nonstop in my head all day.

To celebrate the new album, Gauntlet Gallery has orgnaised an amazing line up of artists to pay tribute to this genre defining band. ReDiscovery has just opened and will be running until the The above illustration of mine, “A Blanket of Stars” is available for sale over there, with a limited edition of 45. Hop over there and pick up your own copy.

daft punk mary

daft punk top


megaman reboot: killer bullet

Posted by campbell May 9th, 2013


Killer Bullet

Another design that has a fun synchronicity with Super Mario.


Storyteller Cards

Posted by campbell May 6th, 2013

I have been lucky enough to help the fantastic game designer Jason Tagmire with his latest project.
Each card features an illustration and a series of symbols and icons that can be used to generate ideas. You can pick up a deck of these awesome cards for as little as $10. There are a bunch of great rewards as well, that you should check out over on the Kickstarter page.

Storyteller Cards is a deck of 54 playing cards that each feature 4 unique elements. There is a CHARACTER, holding an ITEM, completing an ACTION, in a LOCATION. Each of these elements can be used to create something new, get you out of a mid-project slump, or just to have some creative fun with family and friends.


The cards also feature additional icons in the corners to help you dig a little deeper into storytelling, creating, and gaming. The icons represent a RANK, SUIT, MOOD, SEASON, LETTER, and COLOR. There are a few more surprises within those icons, but we’ll get into all of that later.


Now, how can I use these cards? There are so many ways. It just depends on what you are doing.

  • ARE YOU A WRITER that needs a location for a scene or just a character to spark a new adventure? Flip a card and you’ve got one!
  • ARE YOU A DUNGEON MASTER running a modern day RPG and you need a special item for your party? Flip a card and you’ve got one!
  • ARE YOU A TEACHER trying to encourage your students writing skills? Pass out a card to each student and let their imagination finish the story.
  • ARE YOU JUST LOOKING FOR SOME CREATIVE FUN? Flip 5 cards and craft a scenario using an element from each card. Pass the cards to the next player to continue the story. Keep passing, it’s a blast!

So head over to our Kickstarter page if you want to see this project become a reality.


megaman reboot: ice man

Posted by campbell April 29th, 2013


Ice Man

This design is probably one of the heaviest deviations from the originals. I really wanted to this robot up and move away from the contrived “eskimo” aesthetic that was previously used. Instead I’m pulling him in line with the other crystalline robots that Ive been drawing.

I’m really happy with it, and think it’s pretty cute and funny.


Megaman Reboot: Screw Bomber

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Screw Bomber

I wanted to pull the propulsion system in to line with the other robots and have a small propeller on it.


Megaman Reboot: Flying Shell

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Flying Shell

Another reconnaissance robot that I didn’t have the heart to go too radical with.
I mean, it’s a clam shell with eyes and it’s name is “Flying Shell”. I kind of like that.


Megaman Reboot: Elec Man

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Elec Man

I simply wanted to streamline this robot and bring him in line with my designs for Gunner Joe, Protoman and Megaman with whom it shares the same core design. His arms are a little longer with elongated finger tips that I imagined crackling with electricity.

There are little variations, such as the cat eyes, and inner arm seams that I think turned out well.


Megaman Reboot: Bombomb

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013



I really liked the football shaped blue bomb, so didn’t really change it too much in my redesign. There’s now a series of lights that run around the diameter of the bomb, that could cycle through or flash on and off depending on what the bomb was about to do.

It was tempting to link them to the Bobomb from the Super Mario franchise.