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Elizabeth Marruffo

Posted by campbell February 12th, 2012

My partner, the incredibly talented artist Elizabeth Marruffo, has just announced her upcoming exhibition at Turner Galleries. The show will be opening on the 13th of April and will feature a collection of new works.

You can see some more preview shots at her website here as well as some small watercolours and samples of the custom frames she had commissioned for the exhibition. It’s going to be totally AMAAAAAZING!


beauties and beasts

Posted by campbell April 13th, 2011

I’ll have works in an upcoming group show at Elements Gallery. It features painters who all work with animals in their practice. My partner Elizabeth Marruffo will be showing a new series of works, and there will be works by Sharon Dawes and Geoffery Wake.

It opens Thursday the 14th of April at 6.30pm.


studio sale

Posted by campbell December 6th, 2010

We’ve decided to move out of our Inglewood studio space at the end of the year.

To celebrate (and to make the moving process that much easier) we’re are holding a sale of our works this Sunday from 10am. Original paintings, framed prints, art supplies and various other trinkets will be available. We want to say goodbye to everything, so all works are priced from 5$-$100.

There will be works from myself, Elizabeth Marruffo and James Macneil available.

Come have a browse, with muffins and a cup of tea and pick up a Christmas gift for someone cute (or if you’re selfish, for your own cute self)

date: Dec 11
time: 10-2
address: 126 Crawford Rd, Maylands

Jump aboard the facebook event here.



Posted by campbell November 20th, 2010

The wonderful talented Elizabeth Marruffo will be showing works in a group show titled Femme that’s opening at Studio 281 this saturday at 6pm.

She’ll be exhibiting alongside a range of other female artists including Friends of Leon regulars Jodee Knowles and Alex Lekias as well as Carmen Cilliers, Kiri Booth, Annette Allman, Deborah Zibah and Raquel Cavallaro. The above work, “death of the party” will be available for sale, as a well as a few other new pieces that she has been developing.

The exhibition opens tonight from 6pm at 281 Guildford Road, Maylands.

You can see a preview of the works on show here.


Influence Map

Posted by campbell November 6th, 2010



all over

Posted by campbell October 25th, 2010

The New Perth exhibition is finished and this week I am taking down all the works, patching up the gallery and painting over the mural.

I’m pleased with how the show turned out, although, like all exhibitions the things that I wasn’t able to achieve are the ones that stick in my mind. These things are usually best not to talk about as people viewing the work most likely would never guess what they are.

This body of work is one that I’m keen to continue with, I finally feel that I have struck upon a methodology that combines all the ideas that persist with me. Many of my previous exhibitions, while fine in their own right, were a little all over the place in terms of visual cohesion. I’m looking forward to developing the narrative of New Perth, the myths and stories as well as branching out in to dimensional work. Creating costumes and relics from the struggle, false historical documents of what was.

During the run of the exhibition I was surprised at the amount of media response I received. Ric Spencers in depth review was a real highlight as it’s very difficult to get meaningful constructive criticism outside of university. He’s pretty bang on about a lot of my interests and influences as well, even referencing Leon Golub whose work at the Art Gallery of Western Australia was burnt in to my mind a long time ago. Also of note was my mention on Phantasmaphile, one of mine and Liz’ favorite blogs. To be highlighted alongside some of the most amazing contemporary figurative artists is a real treat. Finally my interview with Voice journalist David Bell was great as a chance to provide more context for the work.

I’d like to thank my wonderful partner Elizabeth Marruffo for her constant support of my practice and this project. None of it would be possible without her.


artist talks

Posted by campbell October 15th, 2010

All this month at free range we are holding a series of artist talks by members of the organisation. Last night, my partner Elizabeth Marruffo and myself talked about our most recent exhibitions and what influences our figurative creative practices.

It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss our work and get critical feedback from an engaged and educated community. One of the biggest things that I miss about university is the critical analysis of your work that was always at hand, of people being able to interpret your images, your technique and methodology. These talks are perhaps an attempt to restore what is missing.

This month of talks is running as an in house trial, to see logistically what is involved in running them and so forth. In the future, we’re thinking of opening them up so that other artists can give regular presentations with the broader arts community able to attend.

I’m not really aware of any other regular arts events of this type in Perth. Can anyone fill in the gaps?
Where do you go for dialogue and community?


new perth

Posted by campbell October 1st, 2010

My exhibition, new perth, opened on the 25th of September as planned. Unfortunately, as unplanned, I was struck down by the mighty hand of pneumonia and was bed ridden, unable to attend. I just want to thank all of those who attended for their support, my family for all their assistance and most of all my incredible partner Elizabeth Marruffo. She has put up with so much during the creation of the show and then went beyond anything I could have hoped for at the last minute to pull it all together in my sickness.

I will put up images of all the works next week, as well as more sketch book images.

The exhibition will be open until the 24th of October, please check the free range website if you are planning on coming down to confirm our opening hours.