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glorious bounty illustration

Posted by campbell March 19th, 2011

If you haven’t been reading Glorious Bounty, go and read it, and then buy it, and then read it in real life. It’s written by Luke Milton and illustrated by the amazingly prolific comiceer Edward J Grug.
This is probably my favorite comic project that either of them have done, the scripts push Edward’s illustrations in to crazy new territory, and the illustrations pull Luke’s story in to a super cute world.

The above drawing is of two of the main characters, the murderous robot PK and shifty grifter Deevis done in my 8 Bit Dreams style.



Posted by campbell November 24th, 2010

Thanks to the talented and generous Edward J Grug and Jessica Mcleod for scanning this work in with their amazing A3 sized scanner. Jealousy will inevitably lead to consumption.


comics committee

Posted by campbell August 28th, 2010

I have assembled a crack team of elite comics creators who meet (in)frequently to discuss our global conquest of all things comicy. This team includes (from left to right)

Luke Milton
Playwrite, comicwrite, blogwrite, writewrite and creator of the horribly offensive Bunnies Who Hate.
Edward J Grug
Disturbingly prolific comics machine with more finished comics and ongoing works than there are words.
Jessica Mcloud
Crafter of the cutest comics known to man and the deadliest woman with an excel spreadsheet in the world.

Topics covered included.
What’s this Scott Pilgrim thing?
Floppy landscape books are gross.
What colour was Luke’s lightsaber?
Ninja is a big book.
We like buying arts prints.
Hurry up and make your comic already!

The committee will commit again soon, with new hard and heavy (breathing) topics covered.
Watch out!