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Paper Mountain

Posted by campbell December 12th, 2012

A few months ago my son was interviewed at Perth ARI ‘Paper Mountain‘ for the exhibition ‘How to Talk with A Mountain’ that was held as part of the AWESOME International Arts Festival For Bight Young Things. (Yea, that was a big sentence)

In the above photo you can see him, as well as Paper Mountain founders (and all round awesome ladies) Amber Harris and Anna Dunnill inside one of the sculptures featured in the exhibition.

I think my son’s art career is going better than mine.


ping pong table mural

Posted by campbell November 2nd, 2012

This is a community project that I ran in conjunction with the Awesome Children’s Art Festival. The table is manufactured by POPP, the public outdoor ping pong organisation. These tables are installed in public spaces and stay there all year round, day, night, sun, showers.

With this project, children in this newly developed outer suburbs community were invited to research animal species that are native to the area. Alongside that research, they also looked at various methods of home building throughout history and across cultures. They were then asked to design their “dream home”.

On the ping pong table, the children illustrated their favorite local animal on the side, and then their dream house on the top surface.


Comics Workshops

Posted by campbell October 16th, 2012

I recently ran a series of comics making workshops at the Ellenbrook library in conjunction with Awesome Arts. We investigated how comics function, what the core components of comics are, different comics styles from around the world, ideas generating and then finally making our own mini comic.

In the above photos, one of the workshop attendees is working from her “inspiration book”, which in this case is Nicki Greenberg’s adaptation of Hamlet. (a personal favorite of mine) We also used Nicki’s illustration style as a reference point when doing the group activity “Everything is a Remix”, which you can see on the white board.

If any libraries our school out there are interested in having me come in, shoot me an email.