Wild gunman

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Bang Bang! Get this original work here.



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super mario bros.

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smb web



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stack web
You can get this one here.



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pinball web
This one is available here.


mach rider

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mach rider web
This one is available for sale here.



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Genius playwrite, comicwrite and blogwrite Luke Milton and I are currently developing a collaborative book project based on the classic Fighting Fantasy game book series. I was obsessed with these books when I was younger, and became interested in them again after cleaning out an old store room of things and finding my FF collection.

Right now, we’re in the concept stage, bouncing sketches and prose off from one another about how we’d like the project to develop. I’ve posted a bunch of rough sketches in the projects page for you to check out, and Il’l be updating with more ideas as we go along.

The illustrations will most likely be rendered using the same medium as the Snow White series I did, only much darker.

We’re not sure how the end product will come about, there’ll definitely be an online version, but wether we seek a publisher, or we self publish, or run a kick starter campaign, we’re not yet sure.

You can check out some of the sketches I’ve done here. And if you have any thoughts on the project, or fond memories of Fighting Fantasy books, I’d love to hear from you.


8 bit dreams, now available on etsy

Posted by campbell March 7th, 2011

Click here to view available illustrations and to purchase!

My 8 Bit Dreams illustrations are now available to purchase at my Etsy store. Liz and I ran the store for a while when we lived in San Francisco, and then again when we returned to Perth. Baby duties took over for a while, and our shop fell to the sidelines, but now it’s BACK.

The illustrations are available for $50 and measure 14cm x 14cm (5.5 inches). and are rendered with black ink and water colours on thick archival paper.

The paper is sized to fit perfectly in to a range of standard Ikea frames, so it’s cheap and easy to mount your work. (I firmly believe you shouldn’t be paying more for framing than you did for the original art) I recommend the Ribba series of frames (which is what the works are photographed in), but of course it’s up to you.

If you would like to commission a different illustration from this game then just send me a message.

Or, if you’d like to commission an illustration from a game I’m yet to get to, let me know. The pricing will be the same as one of my standard 8 Bit Dreams works, but it’s all yours.


kung fu

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kung fu web
This one can be purchased here.


ice climbers

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ice climbers web