Storyteller Cards: Fantasy

Posted by campbell April 8th, 2014

Last year, game designer extraordinaire Jason Tagmire and I teamed up to create an open ended deck of cards that could be used to inspire creative folks. It featured a wide range of people from different professions, in different environments, performing different actions with different objects. There were a ton of modifiers and icons thrown in that would create even more opportunities for interpretation.

This year, we’re releasing the second deck and it’s %100 fantasy themed. Elves, Wizards, Gold and 20 sided dice. I’m super excited about this, as my veins run thick with the stuff of magic. Again, the deck will be super versatile and will be a perfect companion to any dungeon master, fairy tale teller, or epic fantasy writer.

Once again, we will be bundling in a users manual that provides a whole range of use suggestions as well as a bunch of exciting mini games that can be played. These games are from some of the cleverest indie board game designers working right now, so they’re always exciting to see.

$10 gets you a deck and helps support the project. Kickstarter campaigns are always hard to run, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could share it among your creative, day dreaming and dungeoneering friends.




home time

Posted by campbell April 2nd, 2014

page 27 preview

Chapter 2 draws to a close. The curtains have come together, there is a moment of darkness and then, the intermission lights start to glow. It’s time to head in to the foyer, and gaze at the carpet, and elbow for drinks, and talk about the show. Perhaps in a loud and overly confident manner, perhaps in murmurs to the warm body you convinced to accompany you.

This intermission might draw on for a while, but then again, it might not. Keep your ear tuned in for the gentle chiming that will come over the PA system. I’ll ask you to return to your seats in time. When I have a new act to perform.

Home Time

Posted by campbell March 24th, 2014

page 26 preview
A new page of Home Time can be read through here.

Drawing in the process.

Posted by campbell March 9th, 2014

Drawing in the process.

GIRLS spring break forever.

Posted by campbell March 4th, 2014

GIRLS spring break forever.

Home Time

Posted by campbell March 4th, 2014

page 25 blog

New Home Time steps out from the shadows.

the band

Posted by campbell February 23rd, 2014

brad isometric web

A recent isometric commission. Click to embiggen.

home time

Posted by campbell February 17th, 2014

page 24 blog

Another page of Home Time rears its head.

Studio Ghibli

Posted by campbell February 15th, 2014

ghibli final blog

I was recently commissioned to do a Studio Ghibli based illustration for amazing Perth based artist and writer Sam Hughes. I chose to focus on the Studio Ghibli works that Hayao Miyazaki directed, as it might have been a little bit much to try to fit in references to all the films. I then chose to focus on the ‘non-human’ characters, as they’re all so personable, and I wanted the illustration to have a bit of a wild lands feeling.

You can click the above picture to embiggen.

ghiblie previewchibli preview2

home time

Posted by campbell February 9th, 2014

page 23 blog

A new page of Home Time can be read through here. This chapter is drawing to a close.