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Posted by campbell January 25th, 2011

They’re all off! A great big stack of illustration portfolios sent out to my favorite publishers in Australia.
Many thanks to Liz for helping me put them together and getting them to the post office.

Now, we wait, with fingers crossed…


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4 Responses to “Portfolio Post”

  1. christina marruffo says:

    Wow, Campbell, your technical skills, range and imagination just amaze me. Everyone should see this portfolio!! Tina

  2. James says:

    I hope that you included lots of glitter to explode out when they open it!

  3. campbell says:

    Hahaha, for some reason I always think of that whenever I have to post an ‘official’ document.
    I don’t remember if you did it once, or I read it in an issue of Dolly or something.

  4. campbell says:

    Thanks so much Tina!
    They’ve all been sent off to publishers, so we’ll wait and see.

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