Dee 20

A few years ago I was asked by Nickelodeon if I’d be interested in pitching an idea for a cartoon to them. I’m a sucker for planting seeds on the off chance they’ll grow, and so jumped at the opportunity.

The show I conceived off was based on a group of friends who play a fantasy role playing game together (basically, Dungeons and Dragons). The game is DM’d by one of their cool older sisters, who sends them through a range of trials in game, that mirror actual problems she sees them having at high school. I thought it’d be a pretty awesome show.

Unfortunately, nothing came of my idea, and it’s just sort of sat around doing nothing. In fact, I’d completely forgotten about it until a friend of mine recently bought it up.

You can see my pitch below, with some pretty rough looking illustrations to boot.


dee 20b

dee 20c

dee 20d

dee 20e


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