Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine

Posted by campbell August 16th, 2011

You can buy the original illustration here.


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4 Responses to “Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine”

  1. … I just spent the last several minutes poring through your previous illustrations. This is an AWESOME idea, and I am deeply saddened that you are not a constant headline across the Internet with 10,000 followers. Your work is sublime.

    I will be sure to promote you at times (not that I have any clout, but seriously, more people need to know about you). If you ever think it would be okay for me to use smaller versions of your digital images on my site, linking back to your mainpage, let me know. But with the way art goes, I wouldn’t blame you if you kept a tight clamp on this stuff. I’ll be sure to come back and actually purchase a print or two. Perfect gift idea. And, well, for me. And at this point I might just be babbling.

  2. campbell says:

    He’s tucked in to his womb like space ship.
    The Cybernoid ship is such a funny design, it looks like an incubator.

  3. campbell says:

    Thanks for the kind words, of course you’re welcome to repost my illustrations as long as you link back.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the series.

    You can see the illustrations grouped by release year here.

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