Posted by campbell January 10th, 2012

As part of my 8 Bit Dreams series, I’m not only working through all of the original Nintendo games, but I’m also taking commissions for specific games. Here’s a selection of ones I did last year for various people. These are heaps of fun to do, knowing that they’re all going to a good home. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of your own, you can do so over at my Etsy shop here.

Silver Surfer, River City Ransom

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Juggernauts

Batman: Arkham Asylum (done in the style of Minecraft), Kirby’s Adventure

NES World Cup, Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Brothers 1 2 3, Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda (both)


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4 Responses to “commissions”

  1. Excellent job man! These are pretty amazing. haha

  2. Heidi Poe says:

    I really like the SMB 1, 2, 3 one! Very clever :D

  3. josh bowen says:

    holy crap. i would have punched a nun for that racoon mario one. axcellent work!

  4. campbell says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

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