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Posted by campbell September 12th, 2012

The lettering begins



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3 Responses to “Home Time Text”

  1. Carlos B. says:

    Awesome! A possibly boring aside: had to check whether “dampener” or “damper” was the correct word in that common expression (ya know, in case I’d been using it incorrectly all along). Found that they’re both accurate with slightly different meanings, since a dampener is more likely to mean an object that moistens or wets somethings, while a damper is something that lessens or mutes. Also, Australians are probably more likely to associate damper with a type of bread(?) so it seems dampener is the more common usage for y’all, while it’s the opposite for Americans. So yeah, glad I got that figured out.

  2. Karen says:

    Must be really satisfying to see it all coming together! :-)

  3. campbell says:

    Hi Carlos,
    That’s not boring at all, it’s actually something I had to really think about when writing the script.
    I decided to use the expressions that as I understood them, or verbalised them. So some of them are “wrong” (in fact, later in the first chapter, one of the characters says one that is completely wrong) but I figured it would suit the primary school age chatter.

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