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Posted by campbell November 4th, 2013

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Monday lets me reveal a brand new page of Home Time, which you can read in full through here. (the above few panels are just an excerpt)

Now, I can show my hand and reveal the thoroughly fantastical world that the body of this story will take place in. Home Time is not a short form comic, nor a weekly gag strip, this is a long form, slow burn piece.

I tossed and turned with the speed of delivery, the pace of the narrative and so forth, but eventually decided on the current course of action. For better, or perhaps worse.

I love fast action stories online, but don’t really enjoy them in print. Works that stretch out and take their time to unfold. What’s the difference? Do different delivery systems lend themselves to different story formats? I would say that the answer is an obvious and resounding ‘yes’. So why am I swimming against the tide? I’m not quite sure.

So perhaps Home Time isn’t the best webcomic to read a page at a time every week, but maybe it’s a really good webcomic to read in big chunks, one chapter at a time.

If you have any thoughts on it, feel free to chime in.

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