mongrel men

This is an illustration I did a while ago but for some reason never got around to putting online. These are two characters that appeared in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I wrote. They are mongrel men (well, one is a lady, “mongrel people” perhaps) who live in a caravan in the outskirts of Mont Azul. They herd away flocks of wild insects that threaten the local vineyards.

The mongrel men have been a particular favorite of my friends and I since we first flipped through an old monster manual. Awful, mutated bastard children of interbreeding races, they are like street dogs running around, hiding in the shadows and picking at scraps. In our mind, they always seem to have a lobster claw, tatty clothes and warty skin.

I can’t seem to find much reference to them on the internet, which is odd considering how awesome they are.

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One thought on “mongrel men

  1. In my homebrew world there were these stunted freaks called the Gutterkin that came about whenever a human got an elf pregnant. Hundreds of years back, one of the amazingly racist and snobby immortal elf sorceress queens cast an epic spell forbidding elves from dirtying their genetic stock by mixing with humans, meaning the only half elves (totally rare) were older than most elves.

    ‘One of us! One of us!’

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