d&d: bugbear

Posted by campbell April 18th, 2011

Bugbear illustration for our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. They’re like hairy goblins right? Which are like reptiles right? Right?
I don’t really get how all this stuff works. I might do an Owlbear next.

You can follow the adventures at Jimmerish FM download past episodes on itunes and check out the wiki.


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4 Responses to “d&d: bugbear”

  1. Diego says:

    I cannot stop fawning over this site. Love 8-bit dreams so much. Might commission something soon <3

  2. campbell says:

    “Fawning” is the best word ever.
    Please keep the fawning coming.

  3. Eric Blair says:

    I love this. Is this one available for purchase?

  4. campbell says:

    Thanks, it’s not for sale at the moment, I’ll let you know if I put it up on my etsy store.
    I’m thinking of doing more illustrations from the Monster Manual, is that something people would be interested in?

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