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Workshop Recap

Posted by campbell October 9th, 2013

light grey
Last month I ran an all night comics making workshop at the amazing Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.
We knuckled down and shredded pencils and brush pens until the break of dawn. At the end, everyone had made an 8 page mini comic, and wound up with a copy of everyone elses work to take home. The above picture shows us dividing up the booty like good pirates do.

Over on the Light Grey blog, they posted a recap of our adventures and a whole bunch of photos. Head over there for more visual stimulation.

The night was super exciting and inspiring, to see so many talented people together in one room making gorgeous shoot from the hips comics and illustrations filled me with joy. Thanks to everyone for turning up and submitting to all my ridiculous requests and demands. Thanks also to Light Grey for being the greatest and most generous people and hosting the event.


All night with Campbell whyte

Posted by campbell September 22nd, 2013

We made comics all night long, we were comics making machines of glory and star stuff.
We made comics all night long, we were comics making machines of glory and star stuff.
I’d like to thank everyone who came along and took part in this industrious endeavour.

Light Grey Art Lab

Posted by campbell September 5th, 2013

nights and weekends

There’s some big news to announce for later this month. I will be exhibiting my 8 Bit Dreams series of Nintendo themed illustrations at the wonderful exhibition/project space Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. It will be part of a group show called Nights and Weekends that explores the mad world of personal projects.

You can preview the works here with a song that always gets in my head by Surashuu. Original works measure 14cm x 14cm and are watercolour and black ink on watercolour paper. They will be available to purchase after the opening.

Not only that, on the 21st of September I will be hosting an all night comics jam lock in at the gallery. Staying up late always makes me think of Mario Party / Goldeneye / Perfect Dark marathons back in highschool.


You can find out all the details and sign up for the workshop by clicking through here. Bring a friend and double your fun with a killer discount.

Get ready to make comics, learn all about Campbell’s projects and process and be inspired! Part workshop and part challenge, All-Night wth Campbell Whyte : Comic Jam will challenge participants to make a complete 8 page mini comic, discuss, and finally print copies of their very own stories! We’ll be making a late-night run to xerox our work, have time to fold & format, and participants will walk away with a big assortment of mini comics made by everyone involved!

Mini Comics

Posted by campbell March 20th, 2013

Just finished folding the comics from my Red Cross workshops. All ready for Harmony day.
Just finished folding the comics from my Red Cross workshops. All ready for Harmony day.

red cross workshops

Posted by campbell February 24th, 2013

Instagram Image
Instagram Image
Instagram Image

Comics Workshop

Posted by campbell November 25th, 2012

These photos are from a comics workshop I ran at an English language school. It’s an adaptation of my “steal an idea” activity which is all about generating new ideas through stealing other peoples ideas.

This group was totally brilliant to work with because they were from all over the world, and their ideas and influences were super diverse. We worked on the initial influences together, and the bottom photo is a completely rubbish comic that I drew to show how those individual components can be bought together.

ping pong table mural

Posted by campbell November 2nd, 2012

This is a community project that I ran in conjunction with the Awesome Children’s Art Festival. The table is manufactured by POPP, the public outdoor ping pong organisation. These tables are installed in public spaces and stay there all year round, day, night, sun, showers.

With this project, children in this newly developed outer suburbs community were invited to research animal species that are native to the area. Alongside that research, they also looked at various methods of home building throughout history and across cultures. They were then asked to design their “dream home”.

On the ping pong table, the children illustrated their favorite local animal on the side, and then their dream house on the top surface.

Comics Workshops

Posted by campbell October 16th, 2012

I recently ran a series of comics making workshops at the Ellenbrook library in conjunction with Awesome Arts. We investigated how comics function, what the core components of comics are, different comics styles from around the world, ideas generating and then finally making our own mini comic.

In the above photos, one of the workshop attendees is working from her “inspiration book”, which in this case is Nicki Greenberg’s adaptation of Hamlet. (a personal favorite of mine) We also used Nicki’s illustration style as a reference point when doing the group activity “Everything is a Remix”, which you can see on the white board.

If any libraries our school out there are interested in having me come in, shoot me an email.

Last of the shoes

Posted by campbell August 21st, 2012

The last of my shoe illustration workshops ran on thursday.
Thank to Hyper for bringing me in to run them, and for Midland Gate for hosting the activities.

Bag Illustrations

Posted by campbell August 15th, 2012

Tonight is the last night of the workshops I’m running with Hyper Vision out at Midland Gate shopping centre. These are some bags that were illustrated last week, tonight we’ll be doing shoes again.