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Megaman Reboot: Doctor Light

Posted by campbell May 18th, 2013

Megaman Reboot: Doctor Light


megaman reboot: killer bullet

Posted by campbell May 9th, 2013


Killer Bullet

Another design that has a fun synchronicity with Super Mario.


Storyteller Cards

Posted by campbell May 6th, 2013

I have been lucky enough to help the fantastic game designer Jason Tagmire with his latest project.
Each card features an illustration and a series of symbols and icons that can be used to generate ideas. You can pick up a deck of these awesome cards for as little as $10. There are a bunch of great rewards as well, that you should check out over on the Kickstarter page.

Storyteller Cards is a deck of 54 playing cards that each feature 4 unique elements. There is a CHARACTER, holding an ITEM, completing an ACTION, in a LOCATION. Each of these elements can be used to create something new, get you out of a mid-project slump, or just to have some creative fun with family and friends.


The cards also feature additional icons in the corners to help you dig a little deeper into storytelling, creating, and gaming. The icons represent a RANK, SUIT, MOOD, SEASON, LETTER, and COLOR. There are a few more surprises within those icons, but we’ll get into all of that later.


Now, how can I use these cards? There are so many ways. It just depends on what you are doing.

  • ARE YOU A WRITER that needs a location for a scene or just a character to spark a new adventure? Flip a card and you’ve got one!
  • ARE YOU A DUNGEON MASTER running a modern day RPG and you need a special item for your party? Flip a card and you’ve got one!
  • ARE YOU A TEACHER trying to encourage your students writing skills? Pass out a card to each student and let their imagination finish the story.
  • ARE YOU JUST LOOKING FOR SOME CREATIVE FUN? Flip 5 cards and craft a scenario using an element from each card. Pass the cards to the next player to continue the story. Keep passing, it’s a blast!

So head over to our Kickstarter page if you want to see this project become a reality.


Megaman Reboot: Screw Bomber

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Screw Bomber

I wanted to pull the propulsion system in to line with the other robots and have a small propeller on it.


Megaman Reboot: Flying Shell

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Flying Shell

Another reconnaissance robot that I didn’t have the heart to go too radical with.
I mean, it’s a clam shell with eyes and it’s name is “Flying Shell”. I kind of like that.


Megaman Reboot: Elec Man

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013


Elec Man

I simply wanted to streamline this robot and bring him in line with my designs for Gunner Joe, Protoman and Megaman with whom it shares the same core design. His arms are a little longer with elongated finger tips that I imagined crackling with electricity.

There are little variations, such as the cat eyes, and inner arm seams that I think turned out well.


Megaman Reboot: Bombomb

Posted by campbell April 16th, 2013



I really liked the football shaped blue bomb, so didn’t really change it too much in my redesign. There’s now a series of lights that run around the diameter of the bomb, that could cycle through or flash on and off depending on what the bomb was about to do.

It was tempting to link them to the Bobomb from the Super Mario franchise.


Megaman Reboot: Bomb Man

Posted by campbell April 9th, 2013


Bomb Man

With this redesign I didn’t really change too much from the original, it’s more about gentle tweaks to bring him in line with the aesthetic of the other robots. I did however decide to give him a canon arm, which I thought made sense as he is a demolition robot. The front of his stomach has a clear panel that opens up and allows access to the explosives stored within his body. Those would be placed by his hand, rather than those that were used as projectiles through his canon.


Double Luck Rainbow

Posted by campbell April 8th, 2013

double luck rainbow recipe 3

I get asked all the time for a recipe for Double Luck Rainbows.


Megaman Reboot: Yellow Devil

Posted by campbell April 6th, 2013


Yellow Devil

I wanted to keep the Yellow Devil pretty much unchanged in my redesign. He is such a strange and bizarre design to begin with, that it would be a shame to throw it all out. The only real change I have made to him is to shape him out of “pixels”, or I guess, to be more accurate “voxels”.

In the series, his defining ability was to dismantle himself in to individual pieces and then reassemble himself in a different location. I thought that lent really nicely to having him be formed of these individual cubes. He is sort of a prototype macro-nanobot creation of Doctor Wily. I really like the idea that he’s some brand new technology that isn’t present in any of the other robots. Wily’s mad creation.

Of course, the disassembling and reassembling would be very neat animated, and could lend itself to all sorts of different configurations.