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Gift List

Posted by campbell November 30th, 2012

Hi beautiful peoples,

Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m assuming you’re going to be wanting to shower a loved one in some delicious geeky goodness. Or perhaps, you yourself crave some showering. Well, I’m here to help.

Following is a wrap up of my current purchasables that can be shipped to you. (note, not by ship, it’ll probably arrive by plane) All illustrations and prints are printed on standard sized paper, which means they can be mounted in inexpensive frames from IKEA. I really don’t like the idea of paying more for the frame than you did for the print, but if you want to last out, who am I to stop you?

8 Bit Dreams

For this project, I aimed to do one spot illustration a day, working my way through the original 799 Nintendo Entertainment System games. I made it through one years worth of pictures, before receiving an arts grant to work on my graphic novel, which meant I had to put the project on hold. A lot of the original illustrations are still available, but you can also commission me to do an illustration in that style and format based on anything you want. It doesn’t have to be a NES game, it can be from any console, any tv show, any book, anything.
Available to purchase here.

Mt Triforce

I did this illustration for the wonderful kickstarted zine Bits in Multiples of 8, which was pulled together by Jimmy Giegerich. The whole thing is full of fantastic artworks, and I’m really happy to have been a part of it.
Available to purchase here.

Pokemon Rattata

This illustration was for the epic Pokemon: Battle Royale exhibition that was held at the Light Grey Art Lab. Each artist was assigned one of the original Pokemon to depict, and I was granted Rattata. This picture displays the top percentile Rattata in his underground home, having returned from a long tournament of battles.
Available to purchase here.

Zelda Isometrics

These were a series of Zelda themed illustrations I did last year. They feature a selection of monsters from the overworld in their natural habitat. Some of the original framed illustrations are available to buy, as are prints.
Available to purchase here.

Game of Thrones

This illustration was completed for the first exhibition at Bottleneck Gallery in NYC earlier this year. It depicts my favorite little posse from Game of Thrones after their flee their home and go camping for a while,
Available to purchase here.

Animal Crossing

One of my favorite games, with one of the trickiest boss battles of all time, weeds!
This illustration was part of the Fangamer Versus AttractMode exhibition that coincided with this years PAX.
Available to purchase here.


bionic commando

Posted by campbell November 21st, 2012

This was a recent commission for my 8 Bit Dreams series.

I’m still doing them, and they’d would probably make an amazing Christmas present for your video game obsessed love one.
While the majority of the ones I’ve done in the past have been from the Nintendo Entertainment System, I have also done commissions of 80’s cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heman. There have even been some more recent video games in the mix as well.

You can order your own over here.


Needle Man

Posted by campbell November 18th, 2012

This is an early sketch for a Mega Man tribute exhibition I’m going to be a part of.
I’ve chosen Needle Man, from Mega Man 3, probably my favorite in the series. It introduced the slide move, Rush and the mysterious Proto man.
I played around with a couple of different designs for Needle Man, and eventually ended up moving away from the traditional 3-pronged head, for a single point. It wound up referencing a sewing machine needle, more than an industrial mining one.



Posted by campbell November 11th, 2012

For all the isometric illustrations I do, I don’t actually use graphed paper all that much.
This is really silly, as it makes things a hell of a lot easier. The sketch is from a picture book that I’m currently doing a layout for.

I’ve been working on Home Time a lot recently, but it’s a ridiculously all consuming. A couple of publishers have expressed interest in it, but they want to read the first couple of chapters before they can commit to it. While this is totally fair enough, it’s also a metric ton of work. That’s about 100 pages of fully illustrated comics material.

However, I can write short 16 page picture books, sketch up layouts and send them off for consideration in the mean time.

I kind of feel like I just need to get started, to get going, to get moving somewhere. Everything is sort of floating in limbo right now.


home time

Posted by campbell November 8th, 2012

I’ve been working away on the next chapter of Home Time.
Sneak a peak here.


BIG Kids Magazine

Posted by campbell November 5th, 2012

I’m super excited to let you all know that I’m in the latest issue of BIG Kids Magazine.
The magazine is an amazing arts magazine that is co-written and created by children. The third issue is called Game On and is all about, well, games obviously. I’m in a segment titled Grown and Growing where an established artist is asked the same questions.


Star Tropics

Posted by campbell October 18th, 2012

A recent 8 Bit Dreams commission I completed for the classic Nintendo game Star Tropics.
You can order your own illustrations over on my etsy store here.


Comics Workshops

Posted by campbell October 16th, 2012

I recently ran a series of comics making workshops at the Ellenbrook library in conjunction with Awesome Arts. We investigated how comics function, what the core components of comics are, different comics styles from around the world, ideas generating and then finally making our own mini comic.

In the above photos, one of the workshop attendees is working from her “inspiration book”, which in this case is Nicki Greenberg’s adaptation of Hamlet. (a personal favorite of mine) We also used Nicki’s illustration style as a reference point when doing the group activity “Everything is a Remix”, which you can see on the white board.

If any libraries our school out there are interested in having me come in, shoot me an email.


Home Time Text

Posted by campbell September 12th, 2012

The lettering begins


Stitch and bitch

Posted by campbell September 11th, 2012

So I have finished all the illustrations of the first chapter of Home Time, have scanned them, cleaned them up and am now in the process of lettering them.

The original illustrations were done on A3 size watercolour paper. As the design of the book is square, each page is made up of one A3 sheet, and then one A3 sheet that has been cut in half long ways. This of course, means they need to be stitched back together at some point.

This digital component was actually a lot quicker than I anticipated. I was worried that it would drag on and on and on and on but for some reason, it was all done over two evenings.