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Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars

Posted by campbell March 26th, 2013

Sheesha x

It is the last 24 hours to support my partners project “Pup Pup is the Boss of the Stars”.
Elizabeth Marruffo will be reconstructing the Canis Major constellation out of needle felted dogs and wire stars. Each dog will represent a supporters child hood pet. To have your made and to fund the creation of this ambitious work, head over here.

Tell your family, tell your friends.


Needle Man

Posted by campbell November 18th, 2012

This is an early sketch for a Mega Man tribute exhibition I’m going to be a part of.
I’ve chosen Needle Man, from Mega Man 3, probably my favorite in the series. It introduced the slide move, Rush and the mysterious Proto man.
I played around with a couple of different designs for Needle Man, and eventually ended up moving away from the traditional 3-pronged head, for a single point. It wound up referencing a sewing machine needle, more than an industrial mining one.


animal crossing

Posted by campbell August 23rd, 2012

This is my piece for the upcoming VERSUS exhibition put together by Fangamer and Attract Mode for this years PAX.

My work is about the greatest boss battle to feature in any game ever. The never ending task of pulling up weeds in Animal Crossing. It didn’t matter if you had earned the golden shovel, dug up the T-Rex fossils, caught the Coelacanth and collected every Gyroid. Those weeds just keep on coming.

Prints will be available to purchase at the exhibition and online.


Oh, the huge-vanity.

Posted by campbell August 19th, 2012

I received this email today regarding my previously posted illustration “Born to Run“, I have cut out any identifying details.

“Dear Campbell Whyte,

My name is xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx a curator/publicist based in NYC, and I’m interested in your work entitled “Born to Run.“ I really enjoy your figurative works. I find that each piece culls directly from nature replete with a humanistic narrative and unique style. Using an amazing array of colors, shadows and contrasts, your light-filled paintings express a range of emotion that stimulate the eye and the mind. I find your work to be fresh and contemporary and I’d love to know more about them.

I am working with the owner of xx xxxx xxxxxxxx and we would like to publish a full page of your work in print and online. In addition I also want to exhibit your work at xxxxxxxx Gallery, representing your work for an entire year. This is a strong opportunity to promote and present your works. The fee for a full years worth of publicity and promotion is $1,900 for online & print media, publishing and production costs.

Here is a sample of our work:

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx

Please click this link for the full publicity proposal and exhibition invitation. We look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Associate Curator

Of course, I promtly replied to such a generous offer.

“Hi xxxxxxxx,

Thanks for being in touch regarding my work.

I’m a little confused however by your description of my illustration “Born to Run.”
The work in question is a pen and ink illustration based on the Game of Thrones television series. It is a very low contrast almost monochrome image which is quite desaturated really. Not at all like the flourishing description you gave it.

Your offer to represent me in New York is very kind but I have to decline. As a professional artist, I know that the money in any working relationship should be flowing to me, the producer. If there is a middle man involved (as there often is) then they get a percentage of the money as it flows to me. This is the same economic model that functions in every single industry. That the primary producer gets paid.

This has been my experience in all galleries I’ve exhibited in, in all publications I’ve had work in, in all murals I’ve done and so on.

I have looked at your site, and it appears obvious to me that my work is a poor fit for your gallery. It would not fit well within your current stable, nor would it reach the buyers that would most appreaciate my work. It also appears as though you represent the interests of too many artists to count, just looking at your last few months worth of exhibitors reveal dozens and dozens of different creators.

I don’t feel that my professional practice would get the best of your attention if I was to commit myself to you.

Again, thank you for the offer, but I will not be investing in your business.


Let us be clear, these spaces exist to prey on artists through their vanity. It is aimed at stroking the ego and causing one to fall in to a day dream of being “discovered” in New York. Of tracing the path of artists like Basquiat, going from the streets to to the auction house in twelve little months.

If you do work, you should be paid. If other people make money along the way, then so be it.


Game of Thrones

Posted by campbell August 17th, 2012

This is an illustration titled “Born to Run” I’ve done for the upcoming “More Than You Imagined” exhibition that’s being held at the Bottleneck Gallery. The exhibition is part of a series of great pop culture shows that are helping raise money for some wonderful causes. This exhibition is in aid of the Michael J Fox Foundation. You’ll be able to purchase copies of the work once the exhibition begins.

I chose to illustrate one of my favorite little posses from Game of Thrones, Bran, Hodor, Osha and Rickon fleeing Winterfell together. I love those misfits so much and was super excited about their adventures. But, you know, things don’t always play out the way you think they will.


Into the Mountain

Posted by campbell May 27th, 2012

Tonight there is an open night and exhibition at Paper Mountain studio, where I’m currently working away at my graphic novel. All of the studio artists will have work on display and will be in their studios for a meet and greet. PLUS there’s a bake off of delicious treats, and poetry reading and all kinds of other goodnesses.

The work I’ve put in for the exhibition is the Mt. Triforce illustration that I created a little while ago. It was originally created for a completely unrelated, video game themed zine, but fits in nicely with the studio name. I’m going to experiment with a few different printing methods for that illustration, and then start offering it for sale on my etsy store.

I should be there from 5 if anyone wants to see what i’ve been up to and have a chat.
You can find all the details for the event here.


Pokemon Battle Royale

Posted by campbell March 25th, 2012

It’s finished, my illustration for the upcoming Pokemon Battle Royale exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab. 151 artists each illustrating one of the original 151 Pokemon. I was assigned Rattata for the show, who’s basically a purple rat, nothing particularly wild in his design, so I used him as a foundation to do an illustration of a burrow. Apparently Rattata’s breed like, well, rats, so we’ve also got a little brood on the go. It’s all about family Yo. I also had the idea of sculpting the burrow in the shape of a Rattata silhouette, but it didn’t turn out as clear as I had initially envisioned. I think it’s probably mainly due to the berries I stuffed it’s legs with. Maybe I should have left them out.

Lots of the other artists involved in the exhibition are sharing their work on twitter, so check them out. All works will be available when the show goes live on the 20th of April, they’re all prints and are priced at the super steal of $40. I hope they compile them all in to a book, that’d be amazing.

You can see some of my early sketches for the piece in my previous post here.


Pokemon Battle Royale

Posted by campbell March 4th, 2012

I’m putting together a piece for the gigantic upcoming Pokemon Battle Royale exhibition that is being organised by the Light Grey Art Lab. It’s an amazingly huge project where 151 artists are each responsible for drawing one of the original 151 Pokemon. I’m really excited to be in the show because I’m a bit of an old school Pokemon nerd, but also because this show will feature some of my favorite contemporary illustrators.

The Pokemon that chose me (that’s right, it was kind of the other way around to how Pokemon usually works) was Rattata. He’s…. a rat… but I’ll do my best with my awesome rat Pokemon. I WON’T LET YOU DOWN!

I’ll post some more preview shots over the next couple of days.

The show opens on the 20th of April and will have an online gallery that you can check out and purchase works from. All works will be prints, and available from the rock bottom price of only $40. That’s pretty kick ass really. If you have a favorite Pokemon, there is absolutely no excuse not to buy it.


Elizabeth Marruffo

Posted by campbell February 12th, 2012

My partner, the incredibly talented artist Elizabeth Marruffo, has just announced her upcoming exhibition at Turner Galleries. The show will be opening on the 13th of April and will feature a collection of new works.

You can see some more preview shots at her website here as well as some small watercolours and samples of the custom frames she had commissioned for the exhibition. It’s going to be totally AMAAAAAZING!


Small Stuff 5

Posted by campbell December 5th, 2011

Holy Bocconcini folk! I completely forgot to keep you up to date on a bunch of things I’ve been doing recently, so there’ll be some hot updates over the next week or so.

First up is the annual Small Stuff exhibition that is put on by the wonderful Bear and Bird gallery. It’s all about providing gorgeous, little and affordable art to peoples like you.

The exhibition is on now, and runs until the 14th of January. I’ve got some works available in show, which you can pick up here.. They’re the unframed pieces stacked like a totem pole on the right. Check out all the other great artworks on the exhibition flickr gallery. There so much great stuff there!