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Posted by campbell June 3rd, 2014

scrub birds

An illustration of the rare Noisy Scrub Bird for the upcoming Egg Tooth group exhibition at Spectrum Gallery Space. The amazing Elizabeth Marruffo has coordinated over 40 artists to respond to endangered bird species of Western Australia for the project.



Posted by campbell September 27th, 2013

lgal interview

While I was in Minneapolis for the Nights and Weekends exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab, we took a few minutes to chat about making art. You can follow through here to listen in.

Talking with Campbell Whyte
Length: 00:39:32
Synopsis: On this week’s podcast we talk to prolific artist and all-around-great-guy Campbell Whyte. Campbell’s massive 8-Bit Dreams series is on display in this month’s Nights & Weekends exhibit, and he traveled all the way from Australia to join us for the opening and to lead All-Night with Campbell Whyte, an all-night comic workshop. Campbell is no stranger to incredible, large-scale projects and we talk to him about where his ideas come from, how he manages to stays motivated and get so much accomplished, and much much more.


8 Bit Dreams

Posted by campbell September 22nd, 2013

The complete 8 Bit Dreams series at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.So much fun.You can purchase original illustrations from the series a lightgreyartlab
The complete 8 Bit Dreams series at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.So much fun. You can purchase original illustrations from the online store here.


Light Grey Art Lab

Posted by campbell September 5th, 2013

nights and weekends

There’s some big news to announce for later this month. I will be exhibiting my 8 Bit Dreams series of Nintendo themed illustrations at the wonderful exhibition/project space Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis. It will be part of a group show called Nights and Weekends that explores the mad world of personal projects.

You can preview the works here with a song that always gets in my head by Surashuu. Original works measure 14cm x 14cm and are watercolour and black ink on watercolour paper. They will be available to purchase after the opening.

Not only that, on the 21st of September I will be hosting an all night comics jam lock in at the gallery. Staying up late always makes me think of Mario Party / Goldeneye / Perfect Dark marathons back in highschool.


You can find out all the details and sign up for the workshop by clicking through here. Bring a friend and double your fun with a killer discount.

Get ready to make comics, learn all about Campbell’s projects and process and be inspired! Part workshop and part challenge, All-Night wth Campbell Whyte : Comic Jam will challenge participants to make a complete 8 page mini comic, discuss, and finally print copies of their very own stories! We’ll be making a late-night run to xerox our work, have time to fold & format, and participants will walk away with a big assortment of mini comics made by everyone involved!


Happy Families

Posted by campbell August 27th, 2013

happy families web

I just finished watching Inception and kept waiting for Jareth to be waiting at the bottom of the dream, singing and dancing around.

This was done in the style of my 8 Bit Dreams series which will be showing at the Light Grey Art Lab on Sep20th.


fangamer x attractmode

Posted by campbell August 16th, 2013

fangamer x attract mode campbell whyte web

I’m pretty thrilled to reveal my new print for the upcoming Fangamer X Attractmode even that’s happening in Seattle on August the 31st. Please click the above image for a much larger version.

Last year I created this Animal Crossing print, depicting the most diabolical of boss battles.

With the theme of this years exhibition being “X”, I wanted to play with a bit of cross pollination of some of Nintendo’s prime franchises. See how many references, characters and creatures you can spot. You’ll be able to pick up prints from the Fangamer website after the exhibition opens.

UPDATEthe illustration is now available to purchase here.



Work in progress

Posted by campbell August 14th, 2013

Work in progress for Fangamer X Attractmode exhibition.

For the upcoming Fangamer X Attractmode exhibition.


Nights and Weekends

Posted by campbell August 14th, 2013

light grey art lab poster

I’m thrilled to announce the exhibiting of my 8 Bit Dreams series of illustrations, to be held at the Light Grey Art lab this September. It will be shown along side a fantastic selection of artists who will be displaying their own “off the clock” projects.

Nights & Weekends
An Exhibition About the Fever to Create
Opening Friday September 20th
alongside the Sketchbook Project: 1703 Miles and Back Tour
7 – 10pm
at Light Grey Art Lab

You can find more details on the exhibition, as well as a full list of artists here. Jump over and join in on Facebook


Just a little package

Posted by campbell August 1st, 2013

Just a little package for @lightgreyartlab


Daft Punk

Posted by campbell May 21st, 2013

daftpunk web1

Yes, the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories has dropped, which is ridiculously exciting.

If you haven’t listened to the first single, I’d advise you to check it out straight away over here. It’s been looping nonstop in my head all day.

To celebrate the new album, Gauntlet Gallery has orgnaised an amazing line up of artists to pay tribute to this genre defining band. ReDiscovery has just opened and will be running until the The above illustration of mine, “A Blanket of Stars” is available for sale over there, with a limited edition of 45. Hop over there and pick up your own copy.

daft punk mary

daft punk top